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1. Choose from among the list of destinations provided in the "From" and "To" boxes, and then click SEARCH; 2. Decide what regular flights would you like to avail basing on the airport, time, and type of service; 3. Fill up thoroughly and accurately the information required in the form, and then review it before clicking the SUBMIT & NEXT; 4. Additional Shuttle Service Option to the Airport can also be added. 5. Then choose your Payment Option and review your data before submitting it into our secured server.
Regular Flight Expert in Dominican Republic
"Worthy Trip within Your Reach"
Regular flight with us is worth the entire trip of our customers because we ensure that nothing will cause any delay. It is our way of making you realize that the Dominican Shuttles team understands your travel needs from which some of you important business appointment depends, or in case you are seriously maximizing every second of your time-limited trip. Nevertheless, regardless of your priorities or any other concerns, what we always take into consideration is your satisfaction!
We Can Answer your Regular Flight Concerns
There are a lot of travel agencies that offer good options in regular trip and other related services such as airport transfers, but not all can provide what you really want. We know that because we have been in this industry for more than twenty years, and that is the reason why we have successfully refined every service that we give. In simple term, our experience in this industry is one best asset that we can offer for your pleasure and safety. Thus, your travel from the major airports in Punta Cana, Santo Domingo, Samana, Santiago and Puerto Plata will become faster and more convenient, and you are also free to make reservation of our shuttle services. And yet, because we are really concerned about your comfort, we have listed, analyzed, and make recommendations about the following typical concerns of travelers who take regular flights:
  • Reservation - With us, you are assured that your time and convenience are what matter most to us; hence, you can simply visit our website and make an online reservation, or you can call or chat us. We will be glad to hear your plan about your travel to the Dominican Republic!
  • Type of Trip - Whether you choose One-way trip or Round trip, it doesn't matter with us because we don't measure the service that we give according to any pecuniary value; it's your fulfillment that we are looking forward to.
  • Time Concern - you own the time of your travel, and that is the reason why we provide good options from which you can choose that most suited to your needs. The Pickup and the Arrival time are provided when you make an online reservation with us.
  • Money Matter - it is really necessary for you to clarify everything that you have to pay before you avail of the service; however, there may be times when you forget to do so and that will result to the changes in your budget or your entire plan. That is actually one role of the travel agency to avoid having problem with the customers, and we always observe that by being transparent with you. For instance, we inform our customers that there is a separate rate for infants.
  • Great Destinations - you are new to the place and, thus, it is expected that you don't know the best spots unless, otherwise, you have searched on the internet, asked a friend, or read a magazine covering a topic related to it. But if you are under the service of our team, we really take time to bring you to the beautiful dimensions which could make you wonder with greater awe.
Why Have a Regular Flight with Us?
We break no promises in giving the best for the interest of our clients, and throughout our long years of service, we take pride in claiming that these three things are the main reasons why having regular flight with us is different and more than just worthwhile:
  • Security and Safety - we make sure that the luggage or important belongings of our customers are secured and their life's safety is at all times on top of our priority. We do that by strictly following the rules and enhancing our services in a regular basis.
  • Convenience - an ideal trip is not without convenience among the passengers, and that's precisely the idea why we never run out of initiative in introducing something new and better for the comfort of our customers.
  • Responsive Staff - if you have any concern regarding your travel, you have nothing to worry because our team is composed of staffs who know how to act immediately to resolve anything that bothers you. You really have to make a wise decision to make your travel experience more valuable than the time and money you are planning to spend. Contact us to know how!